Why Hire MME?

Finding a DJ in the Twin Falls or Sun Valley area that will be more than a guy with a playlist is next to impossible. We get Brides and people asking us all the time,  “Why MME?”

First off let’s get the obvious out of the way.

  • MME is a company registered with the state and the federal government. Which means it is a real business.
  • You can visit the MME office and showroom at 350 Main Ave. N in Twin Falls. Which means it is a real business.
  • MME is licensed and fully insured. Which means it’s a real business.
  • MME has been a member of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce for the last ten years and Visit Sun Valley. Which means it’s a real business.
  • All the music the MME DJs use is purchased and licensed for event and wedding performance. Which means it’s a real business.
  • Every client gets a contract for their event/wedding. Which means you are protected.
  • Every event is planned out meticulously during a meeting at our office. Which means there are no surprises.
  • MME pays local, state and federal taxes. Because it’s a real business.

Ninety percent of the DJs in this area don’t rely on being a DJ to earn their livelihood – it’s a hobby to them. Do you want your wedding or event to be their HOBBY?

What about the other ten percent? Well nine percent of them are beginners and you get to be their LAB RAT and that last 1% is where MME falls into.

If the above is not enough for you, MME has is the 2013-2019 SIB Brides Choice and Wedding Wire’s 2014-2019 Couples Choice which places them in the top 5% in the country.

Would you hire the cheapest guy off the street with questionable credentials to perform surgery on you? If you consider your wedding or event important enough to celebrate, then why settle for anything less than MME?

Lastly, we care. You are not just another bride or client.

Dates book fast: 208-736-7268