Most wedding experts and event professionals agree, that more than any other single event element, linens make a powerful and predominant event statement. Don’t think of your linens as just “tablecloths”, but as underpinning for your entire wedding reception, corporate event, Gala or party décor plan. No other event component will have as much impact on the event’s appearance and your guests’ experience. Since your guests will spend some 50% of their event time standing for cocktails or seated for dining, the linens you choose will be front and center throughout the entire celebration.

We recommend starting the linen selection process with a color or entire color palette that best expresses your event vision. Next, choose a texture or style that matches the event vibe. From basic polyester to sophisticated matte satin, elegant brocade to a more “natural” organic, you’re sure to find a linen style that will work for you. And if you simply can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll introduce you to a plethora of non-standard and custom linen options in unique styles, textures and patterns.

And don’t forget about using accent linens (or textiles) including table runners, napkins or chair ties. Incorporating fabric as an added element of décor helps complete your look and express your style. Keep it simple, opt for impressive elegance, rely on the classics or add fun mix-and-match colors and designs. Our impressive linen selection and wealth of linen resources will help make it all possible.