Top Five Myths About Wedding DJs

Myth: It’s just music, anyone can do it.

Truth: Yes music does play a small part in what professional wedding DJs do, but to think it is the same as using a Spotify or an iPod is so far from the truth.

A true professional wedding DJ goes beyond the scope of just playing music. They work as emcee, coordinator, planner and then DJ for your wedding. They don’t just play music, they care about you and elevate and enhance the celebration of two people becoming one. They use the music as just one tool in their toolbox to make your reception awesome.

Myth: They just put on a playlist.

Truth: Playlists are for iPods and people that think they are a DJ.

People always ask if we use a playlist because they have been to weddings where the DJ just puts on a playlist and then dances with the bridesmaids, goes to the bar and chats with a drink, etc. Playlists are for iPods and hacks that claim to be DJs. They use them because they don’t know how to read a crowd, they don’t know how to entertain, they don’t know how to do their job.

Myth: All DJs are the same.

Truth: To say that is like saying all cars makes, models and years are the same.

Not all DJs are the same. If they were, then all the weddings would be the same. We consider our DJs to be the top in the class. They are internationally known for their wedding and high profile event work and come across as being fun and professional. They make sure the spotlight is never on them. It is always on the couple and/or the celebration.

Myth: DJs get their music for free and some play it off Youtube and Spotify.

Truth: If they want to be legal they don’t.

We were once told that if someone does not pay for something it is either not worth it or they stole it. The same goes for music. There are “DJs” out there that charge so much less than the national norm because they have no overhead. They download free music illegally from the internet, have no business credentials and the only “office” they have was created last month on Facebook or Craigslist.

MME Music Magic Events has a real office on Main Street, they are a real incorporated business in the state of Idaho, they are insured and yes they pay for their music which is 100% legal for public performance. We have references from Elko to Sun Valley, Boise to Idaho Falls for DJing weddings and events.

Speaking of free music. Recently there was a local bride tell us she was at two weddings over the summer and one had a “free” music system with the rent of the room. They were playing Spotify that had the unedited versions of the songs and ads for condoms. Then at the other wedding she attended, the “DJ” was playing music from Youtube and the song was dropping the “f” bomb, Grandma caught it and flipped out. Not something you want for your wedding.

Myth: Club DJs are Wedding DJs

Truth: A professional wedding DJ can perform as a club DJ, but a club DJ cannot be a wedding DJ

Face it if you go to a nightclub you will find blaring music, blinding lights, lasers and a DJ with an ego the size of a house. They play their music and most believe they are God’s gift to the music world with their “mixes” and their focus is on them and their “show”. They are like that needy narcissistic boyfriend that you or a friend had in high school that thought he was “it” and the world was created for him.

Do you really want a person that is just playing HIS mostly unedited music selections, not taking requests, stumbling when asked to do any announcing or completely blowing off guests when they ask him something? Do you want lasers and strobe lights scaring away your relatives that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars and days of traveling to be at your wedding? Not to mention club DJs are notorious for getting drunk and belligerent with people.

Where do you want that spotlight on YOUR day to be? On the DJ or on you, the one you love and your guests celebrating in the moment? It’s not about them and their mixes and lights, it’s about YOU!

BTW We say that a professional wedding DJ can perform as a club DJ if need be, because they do have the ability to remove the restraint they hold so dear and DJ as well if not better than most club DJs because they are trained in the fine art of listening to their audience and not caught up in their egos.

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