Cheap Dj

We do NOT offer the cheapest wedding DJ services in Idaho for a reason.

Did you know your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life ever? It’s one of only a few truly great moments that is uniquely yours that will create an unbelievable future for you. Since it happens only once, we encourage you to make it special, something memorable and celebrate it.

Why should you celebrate it with MME Music Magic Events and not the guy that just popped up online offering the “cheapest prices”, the “friend of a friend”, “my uncle with a laptop” or “I  know a guy that has some music”?  Here’s why:

MME Music Magic Events is a real business with people that care about your wedding. You are not just another “gig” for some extra cash because the “day job” isn’t paying enough. We do this professionally for a living. Our DJ/MCs are professionals that work as more than someone with a “playlist”. They are not only award winning DJ/MCs, they are professional wedding coordinators who sit with you and help plan out your wedding from start to finish setting a timeline that will make the day flow and allow you to be a guest at your own affair. On your day, instead of worrying about what the DJ will play next or what is going to happen next, you get to enjoy yourself because we have it handled. Our DJ/MCs work hand in hand with the caterer, the photographer, the videographer, and the venue to bring everyone together as a team, thus making your wedding more of a well staged production of awesome proportions bringing to life the day you have dreamed about. This is one of the many reasons MME has been awarded  the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award for Excellence 6 years straight and have over 84 five star reviews on their site.


Some things most people do not realize is that we use 100% legal music that is licensed to be played at public events to prevent your wedding from being raided by law enforcement officers that are currently investigating “DJs” that are using illegally downloaded music. Plus all our music is edited radio versions that are family friendly. You don’t have to worry about your DJ playing a song from Youtube that drops the F-bomb in front of grandma.

The calls come in every wedding season from brides that hired a “DJ” who they can’t get a hold of or who called and said they can’t do their wedding because something just came up. When you book with us, you get a contract that secures your date unlike the guy or gal that woke up yesterday and became a DJ who might have something else to do on your date that “pops up”, we will be there.

MME Music Magic Events

As a real business, we have a storefront, showroom, and offices on Main St. in Twin Falls that are a place where we meet with you. We are registered with the state of Idaho as a real business and carry insurance that protects you and your guests. We have been members of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce and Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years. Couples having weddings in Sun Valley, Twin Falls and around the state trust our brand and our people.

Now what comes to mind when you hear the word cheap? When you think of the success of your wedding, this pinnacle moment in your life, do you really want to rely on “cheap”?