Ever wonder why the attendance has dropped at your dances? Have you ever thought it was the entertainment? Through our experience, we have found you get what you pay for. Students are very savvy when it comes to entertainment. If you fail to pay the price and hire a professional, it shows in the quality of the sound, selection of music, the lighting and most of all the performance. Once students experience a “Cheap DJ”, all the dances are tainted with that memory, hence attendance drops. When attendance drops, it forces schools to pay even less for entertainment to save money, when in reality they are degrading the quality of the dances even more and making less money.

Our services focus on what the students want while working within the unique requirements of each school’s administration that we have the privilege to serve. Our goal at every school event is for the students to request our services at their next event because we know through our experiences that the students make the event. If they’re happy, they’ll be back for the next one. Our school dance services revolve around new music programming with a few of yesterday’s favorites to accommodate all listening tastes. We look out for offensive lyrics in songs and omit them off our playlist or come up with our own digital edits.

We cover a broad range of events for all levels. For the high schools, we specialize in homecomings, proms, holiday dances, mixers, and more! We are loved by our elementary and junior high clients due to our high impact sock hops, mixers, graduation dinner dances, games and more! Sorority and fraternity formals, college events, dance-a-thons, you name it we can cover it for your college! We pride ourselves on our ability to read a crowd. Our services are designed to provide the maximum amount of fun for all. Looking for Prom or Formal information? Click Here!